Online ACT Test Prep

This is a 7-week course designed to help high-school students prepare for the ACT exam using a guided series of video lessons and tools. This course covers the four main subject areas of the ACT: English, Math, Reading and Science. As you progress through the course, additional weeks of content will be accessible for you. Get started with the lessons in the ACT Overview section. Then move on to the English section, which will be available the day after you enroll in this course.

Course Information

Week 1 Part 1: ACT Introduction & Overview

Week 1 Part 2: English (ENG)

Week 2: Math (MAT)

Week 3: Reading (RDG)

Week 4: Science (SCI)

Week 5: ACT Exam “Cross Training”

Week 6: ACT Practice Exam

Week 7: Back to Basics + Writing 

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